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dermal fillers brisbane
dermal fillers brisbane
brisbane dermal fillers
brisbane dermal fillers
dermal fillers
dermal fillers
What are dermal fillers?

Cosmetic injections or dermal fillers are a quick and safe way to minimise lines or wrinkles, reshape the facial contours or add volume to the lips and cheeks. Dermal Fillers rejuvenate and enhance facial features with natural looking and feeling results. It is injected below the skins surface to fill-in wrinkles, plump-up small areas such as the lips, and add volume to large areas like cheeks.

How do Dermal Fillers work?

Dermal fillers consist of a hylauronic acid based gel which is a synthetic form similar to the hylauronic acid found naturally in our body. This gel is injected into the skin with a fine needle and fills out imperfections such as wrinkles in the face and adds volume to areas such as cheeks, lips or under the eyes.

Who can benefit from dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are a very flexible treatment option and can target these areas: Lines or wrinkles, add volume or balance the lips, reshape the nose, restore facial contours such as cheeks that have diminished due to ageing. The effects can be as subtle as you like, with most people not knowing that you’ve had anything ‘done’ except for looking refreshed or relaxed. Our cosmetic injector is very experienced and will tailor the cosmetic injections to suit your needs.

How long do dermal fillers last?

Dermal fillers can last from 3 to 18 months in the skin depending on the type and thickness of filler used. The quality brands we use at Image by laser will last from 12 to 18 months. Dermal fillers provide a long lasting results with little maintenance and visible but subtle results

Which areas are suitable for treatment with dermal fillers?
  • Facial contours such as cheeks or under eyes
  • To reshape or even the nose profile
  • Lips – To balance, add volume or remove lip lines
  • Nose – to even the profile or shape
  • To fill out deep wrinkles such as frown lines and crow’s feet

If you want to find out more about dermal fillers or cosmetic injections then book in for a free consultation with our cosmetic injector today on 32639688.

dermal filler
dermal filler

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