Laser Hair Removal For Men

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The best in medical grade laser hair removal technology

  • Reduction in hair after each treatment
  • Medical grade laser for fast and effective results
  • Treats ingrown hairs
Mens Hair Removal
Mens Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal For Men
Laser Hair Removal For Men
Mens Laser Hair Removal
Mens Laser Hair Removal
What is laser hair removal for men?

Laser hair removal for men is a method of permanent hair removal which destroys or greatly weakens hairs in the active stage of growth. A progressive reduction in the amount of facial or body hair will be seen after each treatment with laser.

Image by Laser have been doing laser hair removal for men over 12 years in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. We use only the best in laser technology, have fully licensed and experienced staff and are dedicated to getting you great results. Our clinics are unisex and your comfort and privacy are important to us.

How does laser hair removal for men work?

The laser targets the brown coloured pigment in the hair which is known as melanin. The single wavelength of light that laser produces is much more effective than the multiple wavelengths of light that is used in IPL Hair Removal. By damaging the cells in the bottom of the hair follicle we can disable it from producing new hairs which leads to the permanent reduction of hair growth.

Due to the different phases of hair growth, only a certain percentage of hairs are in the correct growth phase (anagen), and this is why laser hair removal for men takes several treatments.

What technology do you use for laser hair removal in Brisbane?

Image by Laser use a powerful Medical Grade Polylase Alexandrite 755nm Laser. With this technology we are able to remove mens hair quickly and with better results than other lasers due to it’s ability to change specific settings to better treat a wider variety of hair and skin types.

The Polylase 755nm laser uses a special cooling system that keeps the skin cool during the treatments so we can treat you more effectively whilst minimising any discomfort.

We are able to clear large areas such as backs or chests quickly and with excellent results and that is why so many men choose Image by Laser for their Laser Hair Removal needs.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal for men?

By using laser hair removal as a method of permanent hair reduction men experience less ingrown hairs, less shaving stubble and smoother skin. A lot less time and money is spent on shaving, waxing, plucking or bleaching the hairs after they have undergone the treatments. If you live in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast, then visit Image by Laser for a free consultation and see just how effective laser hair removal treatments for men can be.

What does laser hair removal for men treat?
  • Excess or unwanted hair on the face or body
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Facial hair – beard sculpting, cheeks, ears, throat etc
  • Body hair – legs, arms, chest/stomach, back etc
Before and After Mens Laser Hair Removal
Before and After Mens Laser Hair Removal

These excellent results were achieved for an actual Image by Laser client.

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